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Best in Show 2023,                                               Judge:  Miss Liz Millward (Alouann)

BIS Collins and Dunhill Halls Pharaoh Hound CH Fantasia Dallas Maverick

Reserve Best In Show, Dr and Mrs C Sheppard, Irish Wolfhound

Gaelmarque Treasured by Goldswift.

Group 3, Miss S L Vincent Long Haired Dachshund

Gainscroft Dark Destroyer

Group 4, Mrs C ans Ms M Hills Whippet

Shimeree Black Satin JW.

Best Puppy in Show 2023,                            Judge:  Miss Liz Millward (Alouann)

BPIS, Ms S Hardisty Beagle

Blunderhall Jack's the Lad

Reserve Best Puppy In Show,  Mr B and Mrs SJ Bridges

Irish Wolfhound

Barrassy Firecracker (AI)

Group 3, Mrs J Wilton Clark Whippet

Shalfleet Chilli Cracker

Group 4,. Mr Archer Basset Hound

Romanbay Red Pepa Sauce

Best Veteran                                 Judge: Mr Danny Cullen

Deerhound, Miss R V Lucas & Mr C J Dargonne Packway Little Loxley

Reserve Best of Breed Winners Contest            Judge: Mr Danny Cullen

1st - Norwegian Elkhound, Mr & Mrs S Mcmahon Ch Seasara Earl Grey

2nd - Beagle, J S Woodring & W S Burns Lanbur Kissing Bandit at Fallowfield (Imp USA)

3rd - Miniature Smooth Haired Dachshund, Mr L J Cross Loggeta Pickled Lilly JW

Res - Irish Wolfhound, Mrs D Treadwell & Ms A Webb Floydian Syracuse at Foinavon

Judges Critiques

Hound Club of East Anglia Open Show 20th May 2023

I would like to first thank the Hound Club of East Anglia for the appointment, they put on such a lovely show, the sun was shining, and everyone was enjoying the day. Well done to all the committee involved.

I was honoured to judge BIS and had 21 breeds present, I shortlisted to 6 and was pleased with the quality that I had especially as the show clashed with SKC Hound Day. My first 4 placings are all good examples of their breed but the ultimate award for Best In Show went to the Pharoah Hound Collins and Dunhill-Hall Ch. Fantasa Dallas Maverick that I had earlier given BOB. He just caught my attention  as soon as he entered the ring both in the breed and BIS. He presented a lovely shape on the stack with free easy movement covering the ground, I have covered his full critique in the breed class.

My Reserve Best In Show went to an upstanding Irish Wolfhound Sheppard Gaelmarque Treasured by Goldswift JW.  She is a combination of great size and strength, presented a lovely shape with everything where it should be, nice head and dark eye, small rose shaped ears, long neck, strong and well arched, very deep depth of chest with plenty of heartroom, elbows well under, balanced angulation front and rear, good forechest, good bend of stifle, well arched toes, long tail, she has such a easy and active movement.

Group 3 went to the Std Long Haired Dachshund Vincent Gainscroft Dark Destroyer, he has correct body proportions with ground clearance, I have covered his critique in the stakes class.

Group 4 went to the very feminine black Whippet Hills Shimmeree Black Satin JW,  A feminine bitch who naturally covers the ground, presented a lovely shape where everything flows, beautiful head, long and lean, tapering to the muzzle, oval eyes, scissor bite, small rose shaped ears, good length of neck elegantly arched into well laid shoulder, good forechest, forearms straight with bladed bone, pasterns with slight spring, chest deep, arch over the loin with definite tuck up, well developed second thigh, well developed second thigh, long tail, moved true with free action.  

I awarded Best Puppy In Show to the Beagle male Hardisty Blundethall Jacks the Lad, caught my eye immediately for BPIS, this young male presented a lovely shape on the stack, nice head and dark eye, low set long ears, scissor bite, long neck into shoulder, balanced angulation, level topline, tail set on high, tight feet, sound on the move with a free action showing reach and drive.

Reserve Best Puppy In Show went to the Irish Wolfhound Bridges Barrassy Firecracker (AI), this young bitch has a lot of maturing still to come which is expected with a giant breed but she has so much promise, she has a lovely head and eye, good length of neck, balanced angulation front and rear, good forechest, deep chest, long tail, once settled showed that easy movement.

Puppy Group 3 went to the Whippet Wilton-Clarke Shalfleet Chilli Cracker feminine brindle and white bitch, she has a lovely head, long and lean with a slight stop, oval eyes, scissor bite, rose shaped ears, moderate length of neck into well laid shoulder, forelegs straight with moderate bladed bone, pasterns with slight spring, chest deep, arch over the loin with definite tuck up, long tail, balanced angulation, moved true.

Puppy Group 4 Basset Hound Archer Roamanbay Red Hot Pepa Sauce, I feel for this black and tan 6 months girl, good head with domed skull, lozenge-shaped eyes, ears set on low, scissor bite, good length of neck into well laid shoulder, nice body proportions, forelegs straight, balanced angulation front and rear, body long and deep, well ribbed, stifles well bent, tail set well on, lots to still come at such a young age.

Ibizan Hound

Special Yearling (1)

  1. Hamilton Cambaros La Revoltosa with Harrisclub (imp Sw), 9 month old bitch, nice head and eye, lovely chiselling, Large thin erect ears, good length of neck into shoulder, steep, short shoulder blades, straight forelegs, level back, long second thigh, low set long tail, moved well. BPIB

Post Graduate (2)

  1. Taylor Yetti (imp esp), rough coated bitch, nice head with almond shaped eye, large erect ears, good length of neck, short shoulder blades, correct chest proportions, level topline, moved with correct action, would prefer more weight.
  2. Hamilton Hiedra La Princesa Rosa De Podi with Harrisclub (imp svk), just 12 months, was a close decision between these two. Another rough coated bitch, nice head and eye, good ears, moderate angulation with steep shoulder and straight forelegs, level top line, short coupled, long second thigh, moved well.

Open (3)

  1. Taylor Ch Abbotsoak Carousel JW, a beautiful feminine bitch, presented a lovely shape, nice head with flat skull and prominent occipital bone, almond shaped eye, scissor bite, large thin erect ears in line with arch of neck, steep, short shoulder, balanced angulation, straight forelegs, level back, long ribcage, correct depth, long second thigh, well arched toes, low set long tail, this bitch showed that unique movement of a suspended trot with a long far-reaching stride. BOB
  2. Taylor Falconcrag Valenta, an 11 year old bitch who I just fell for. She has the most exquisite head and eye, good length of neck into steep shoulder, straight forelegs, balanced angulation, correct depth, level topline, long tail, correct movement, may not have been as fast as the younger girls but she did enough to win RBOB.
  3. Hamilton Gala with Harrisclub NAF TAF

Pharoah Hound

Special Yearling (1)

  1. Ashby Regina Alessandra, feminine bitch with long lean skull, oval eyes, fine and large medium high set ears, scissor bite, needs to mature a lot in body and front, moderate angulation front and rear.

Post Graduate (1)

  1. Falzon Doucai’s Principessa Xini, another feminine bitch with good head and eyes, scissor bite, needed to use ears more but they were large and fine, scissor bite, moderate length of neck into shoulder, moderate angulation, requires a better fill to front and depth of chest.

Open (2)

  1. Collins & Dunhill-Hall Ch Fantasa Dallas Maverick, this was the dog I was waiting for, and he then entered the ring. He is of a moderate size but is the combination of that power and grace as required in the standard. He has a long lean skull with chiselling, slight stop, oval eye, scissor bite, correctly set ears, large and fine, long neck with slight arch into well laid shoulder, Forelegs straight, elbows well tucked in, pasterns strong, deep chest, moderate tuck up, correct body proportions, balanced angulation front and rear, Well-developed second thigh, well knucked feet, tail of correct length and carried correctly on the move, his angulation allowed him to cover the ground with that free flowing movement. BOB and BIS.  
  2. Ashby, Cappelaere & Samways Kurriera Krystal Amethyst, this feminine girl has such a classic head which I just kept being drawn too. Long and lean with her whole head representing a blunt wedge when viewed in profile and from above. Beautiful chiselling and underjaw, oval eyes, slight stop scissor bite, correctly set ears, nice long muscular neck, good forechest, balanced angulation, deep chest, moved true with a free flowing action. RBOB.


Puppy (0)

Special Yearling (1)

  1. Simms Aftonlee Aros at Elverdal, this male was being very cheeky but I didn’t mind that as its all about enjoying their day. He had a powerful compact body, wedge shaped head, slightly oval dark eye, high set erect ears, moderate length of neck and balanced moderate angulations, tail set on high, moved with that effortless gait. BOB

Post Graduate (2)

  1. Jepson Laakso Esko, this dog needs more training but I saw enough to assess. He is compact with a good head and eye, high set ears, moderate length of neck and angulation. Moved true once settled.
  2. Stone Laakso Eike, good head with oval dark eye, scissor bite, high set ears, would prefer better length of neck, compact body, moderate angulation, moved true.

Open (5, 3 abs)

  1. Simms Ch Seasara Earl Gray, masculine male, good head and dark eye, wedge shaped head, broad between the ears, high set erect ears, moderate length of neck into shoulder, balanced angulation, compact body, high set tail, moved with an effortless gait. RBOB.
  2. Jepson Bowerhinton Bombette, feminine bitch, good head and eye, high set erect ears, moderate angulation and length to neck, straight forelegs, high set tail.

AV Stakes Puppy (10, 8 abs)

  1. Webb & Sheppard Killoughery Mission Two for Inkleyboys, Irish Wolfhound, nice 11 month male of good size, good head with length and dark eye, scissor bite, small rose shaped eyes, good length of neck into shoulder, balanced angulation front and rear, deep chest, good forechest, long tail, moved true with effortless strides.
  2. Adderley Tambyssa’s Tawny Sky (AI) Rhodesian Ridgeback, bitch, head of fair length with skull flat and stop well defined, round eyes, high set ears, scissor bite, strong neck into shoulder, balanced moderate angulation front and rear, forelegs straight, deep chest, well defined ridge, moved true, still lots to come.

AV Special Yearling (13, 9abs)

  1. Langman Madika High Flyer at Bonwillian, Beagle, balanced bitch, dark eye, scissor bite, low set ears, good length of neck into shoulder, good balanced angulations, rounded bone, level topline, deep chest, tail set on high, sound mover.
  2. Hills Rangali Gretel at Shimmeree, Basset Fauve De Bretagne, good head with oval dark eye, ears set on level with the eye, scissor bite, moderately short neck into shoulder, forelegs straight, deep chest, sternum prominent, level topline, balanced angulation, stifles well bent, tight feet, high set tail, rough coat, once she started to concentrate, she showed me how she can move, striding out well.
  3. Wilton-Clarke Shalfleet Easter Sonnet, Whippet

AV Stakes Post Graduate (4, 3abs)

  1. Vincent Gainscroft Dark Destroyer, Dachshund (Long-Haired), red male with balanced proportions and sufficient ground clearance., long conical head, correct head proportion, almond shaped eye, high set ears, scissor bite, long neck into well laid shoulder, scissor bite, goog length of neck into well laid shoulder, prominent breastbone with forelegs at lowest point of keel, ribs extending well back, coat flat, free flowing movement with long strides.

AV Stakes Open (6, 6abs)

Judge: Liz Millward (Alouann)

Irish Wolfhound

Many thanks to the committee for inviting me to judge at this well run show held at a super venue, and to all the exhibitors who brought their hounds for me to go over.

Puppy (3, 1)

Two attractive puppies at slightly different stages of development. 

  1. Bridges’ Barrassy Firecracker (AI).

Tall, strong bitch puppy celebrating her birthday today.Typical head with long muzzle.Ears a little large but carried well.Long strong neck into well laid shoulders.I would prefer a better return of upper arm to place elbows further under, matching the lovely angulation of her hind quarters.Good depth and adequate breadth of chest.Long straight legs with good bone.Well ribbed back with correct topline and underline.Very well muscled throughout.Movement was powerful and true.BP.I was delighted to see her awarded RBPIS.

  1. Webb & Sheppard’s Killoughery Mission Two for Inkleyboys.

Attractive 11 month old dog puppy, looking less mature than (1).Presents a balanced outline with moderate angulation front and rear.Typical head with dark eye and gentle expression.Strong neck into well laid shoulders.Forelegs long and straight with good bone.Well ribbed back but would prefer to see a little more of an arch over the loin.Moved well in profile but was a little close behind today.A very nice puppy but would like to see more of him all round at this stage.

Junior (1)

  1. Dawson’s Tristar du Grand Chien de Culann at Shalico.

Very tall 14 month old bitch.She presents a balanced outline, but is at present rather upright, lacking sufficient angulation at front and rear.Typical head with long muzzle and attractive small rose ears.Strong neck, adequate depth and breadth of chest.Long straight legs with plenty of bone.Good topline although slightly long in the loin.Movement in profile very active and strong although moving close behind and favouring her tail today. Such a tall bitch has a lot of maturing and filling out to do and no doubt will look more curvy in time.

Post Graduate (5, 2)

  1.  Severn-Kumar’s Gaelmarque Nomateus.

21 month old dog presenting a well balanced outline.Typical head with good ear carriage.Strong neck into well laid shoulders with elbows nicely under.Good forechest andgood depth to chest.Well ribbed back but slightly long in the loin.I would prefer to see more of an arch over the loin as he is a little flat in the topline.Well muscled shapely hindquarters which he uses to demonstrate very strong and accurate movement.

  1. Treadwell’s Floydian Fionn.

Mature 2 ½ year old bitch.She presents a balanced profile with matching angulation front and rear.Attractive head but would prefer slightly longer muzzle and smaller, better carried ears.Strong neck, good depth and breadth of chest.Good topline showing correct rise over the loin.Well off for bone.Movement good in profile but slightly wide and untidy behind.

  1. Crosse’s Rainster Evie.

Open (6, 2 )

  1. Sheppard’s Gaelmarque Treasured by Goldswift JW.

21 month old bitch of beautiful balanced proportions, tall, strong and graceful.Attractive head with dark eyes and soft expression.Would prefer smaller ears but ear carriage correct.Strong neck leading to excellent forequarters.Long, strong legs.Good depth and breadth of chest.Well ribbed back.Would prefer to see a little more rise over the loin.Powerful, well angulated hindquarters which she uses very effectively, demonstrating active and accurate movement.A lovely bitch, well deserving of BOB.I was delighted to see her awarded RBIS.Well done!

  1. Treadwell & Webb’s Floydian Syracuse at Foinaven.

Impressive, mature 4 ½ year old dog, presenting a balanced outline.Attractive head but would prefer to see greater length of muzzle in such a well-built male of this age.Strong neck into well-constructed shoulders.Great depth and breadth of chest.Strong, straight forelegs with very good bone.Well ribbedback.Very muscular and well angulated hindquarters.On the move he tended to pace, but once into his stride he moved powerfully and accurately.RBOB and BOS.

  1. Webb’s Gaelmarque Mission Success for Inkleyboys.

Judge: Dr Judith Wilkes (Strickenoak)

Hound Club of East Anglia Premier Open Show May 20, 2023 Critique.


My thanks to the committee of Hound Club of East Anglia for the invitation to judge Deerhounds at this well run show. Unfortunately due to seasons my entry was slightly depleted. The weather was lovely and the venue excellent. Thanks also to Sue and Spring my efficient ring stewards on the day.

Puppy (1, O)

1. Girling's Chuilinn Flare.

Nine month old bitch with a sweet temperament. Good bone. Attractive head with strong neck leading into a good shoulder. Nice straight front and correct feet. Good depth of chest for age. Well ribbed. Lovely length from hip to hock. Good coat and overall outline. Moved well. BP

Junior (O, O)

Post Graduate (6, 3)

  1. Shannon's Erewhon Firefly.

Mature, dark coated, 5 year old bitch. Well bodied. Shapely and well balanced. Lovely front and great depth of chest. Good width throughout and nice bend of stifle. Moved well. She has curves in all the right places. RBOB

  1. Lucas & Dargonne's Packway Ecotrailer.

Well made, shapely 2 year old bitch. Pretty head and expression with neat ears. Good length to body. Good coat. Moved well. Not the depth of 1 but is young and still maturing.

  1. Jansons Nixophel Carnelian Red.

Open (4,1)

  1. Lucas & Dargonne's Packway Smackfarthing.

A 4 year old feminine bitch. Pretty head with dark eye and neat ears. Good straight front with correct feet and nicely sloping pasterns. Balanced with good depth of chest and nice spring of rib. Well muscled and good width to thigh. Moved soundly.


  1. Shannon's Packway Downlander At Erewhon.

Two and a half year old male with good bone and a nice masculine head. Strong neck into good shoulder and good depth of brisket. Good topline which he held on the move. Preferred movement of 1 today.

  1. Jansons Nixophel Crystal Rose

Judge: Angela Aston (Balgaled).



I had such a lovely day judging 3 of my favourite hound breeds and I appreciated each and every one of your entries.

BASSET HOUNDS SY (3) 1 and RBOB Timjenukis Dunedin 18mth d and the best mover of the class,  pleasing head with a good head shape and long low set ears, reasonable length of neck and well laid shoulders, substantial in body  with good ribbing and padded feet of good size, went forward well 2 and BP, BPIS4 Roamanbay Red Hot Pepa Sauce a super puppy b who I loved on the stack when she wasn’t sinking her back end! , head is developing nicely with minimal stop and plenty of flews, typical front needing to strengthen but with good  bone, body is well ribbed with a well set tail, a fairly smooth mover and just slightly better behind than 3 Harvidene Gin Fizz PG (2,1aba) 1 Switherland Gabriella At Stookewood A very attractive 2 yr b, I liked her head and she has a good eye shape, not too loose and of good colour, strong neck and a good length of body with prominent front, sadly she insisted on moving with her head on the ground and therefore it was difficult to assess her on the go around O (3) 1 and BOB Roamanbay Reddy To Rumble r/w d rising 4, a dog of substance and balance, head of good length with correct ears and good flews,  good eye and nose pigment, excellent front with short strong legs and prominent breastbone, well ribbed body with a firm topline and strong muscled quarters, a strong and powerful mover with good tail carriage 2 Switherland final Chase At Stookwood 4 yr b who is well boned with good substance all through, well laid shoulders and tidy elbows, strong bone and padded feet, she moved out very well but I would have liked her a little firmer in topline.3 Harvidene Gin Fizz

BEAGLES P (5) A really lovely class of puppies albeit at different stages of development. 1 and BP, BPIS Blunderhall Jacks the Lad, wow I just loved this youngster, not the biggest but at just 7 months he has the time to grow on, he has a lovely head and appealing expression, neck is slightly arched, body compact with a firm topline and well angulated quarters, he impressed me with his sound free and confident movement. Delighted to hear he was awarded BPIS under Liz Millward, congratulations ! 2 Nictoney Gingerbread another lovely pup with a super head and expression, slight arch to neck, well laid shoulders and lovely tight feet, a close decision but not quite as positive on the move as the winner 3 Triecap Emperor Alvin  J (3) 1 and BOB Madika High Flyer At Bonwillan such a feminine girl of just 14 months with a lovely eye giving an  appealing soft expression, and she makes a super clean outline on the stack, excellent front with short pasterns and tidy elbows, very good topline carried on the move. Moved out freely, a most promising exhibit 2 Nictoney Gingerbread (See puppy) 3 Serenaker Margarita At Foregebanks PG (2) 1 Milesend Dice JW a handsome T/W d with a lovely compact outline, masculine head with dark eye and defined stop but just a little overdone for me, he has enough neck and stands on strong straight forelegs and tight feet, deep chest with a  firm straight topline, correctly set tail carried well on the move, I would have liked a little more from him as he went round but I liked him a lot in profile 2 Nictoney Intuition 7mth tri dog just a shade longer cast than the winner but I did prefer his head proportions, he has a good front and enough depth of chest for his age and he is fairly well together on the move for his age O (4,1) 1 and RBOB Lanbur Kissing Bandit At Fallowfield (Imp USA) tri dog, not the biggest but well enough put together with a  masculine head and good ears, well laid shoulders, deep chest and well ribbed body and well angulated quarters, the best mover of the 3 here 2 Nictoney Intuition 3 Forgebanks Raindrop

PORTUGUESE PODENGOS PG (2) 1and RBOB Stormwitch Heirs and Graces At Arranbourne A pretty girl with a lean head and moderate stop, she is a lively character and has a super temperament and although she is a tad longer in body than ideal she was the better mover of the 2 Stormwitch Heart and Sole at Nashall brother of the winner and better proportioned in body than his sister, a little nervy to begin with but I could see his overall shape and balance, medium length of neck and well laid shoulders with a good height to length ratio, he tends to skip on the move and this spoilt the flow of his movement.O(1) 1 and BOB Arranbourne Faustino 8 yr smooth d whose condition belied his age, good head with large triangular ears, pleasing in body with straight forelegs and reasonable strength to his pasterns, moderate spring of ribs and tidy underline with well muscled hindquarters, moved out soundly

Judge: Bridgette Bodle (Lionsridge)


HOUND CLUB OF EAST ANGLIA             SATURDAY 20 MAY 23                                                      

I would like to thank the Secretary for inviting me (hope you feel better), Officers and the Committee who did an excellent job working hard throughout the day, for all the hard work they have put into running this lovely show and to the exhibitors who are lovely people. And the lovely stewards who did an excellent job keeping the ring and me running (not easy have been kept awake most of the night by the road being dug up outside my hotel window) You were all very helpful and patient thankyou you make it an enjoyable experience.


O. 1 (2)

1st BOB K Austin & A Rogers, KINABULA EKANITE.

D 23.11 21.

Seventeen-month-old, muscled lad energetic alert and good tempered. In profile top of head fairly flat good length and width of head and muzzle with chiselling. Noticeable gentle stop, large colour blending nose with level bridge and open nostrils. Scissor bite. Fair sized oval shaped eyes adding to his expression, solid eye rim pigmentation. Well set large strong triangular ears within length parameters again added to his overall expression and mind set. Good front and rear angulations with good lay and length of shoulders. Front legs straight and parallel. Noticeable carpus with sloping pasterns. Depth of chest to just above elbows with plenty of width of brisket. Strong straight topline. Gentle spring of rib. Balanced Strong muscled developed hindquarters good bend of stifles, legs parallel. Tail reaching hocks well shaped and held gently curving down when relaxed. This lad is more than willing to keep moving and energetic but settled into a supple easy going objective purposeful movement.



P. 2 (3)

1.st B.P. C Cox, L Cox, & V Musgrave.  CARLINCOX JERSEYROYAL.

Ten-month-old good-looking girl with characteristic distinctive ridge of good width and length tapering down her back. Strong broad head with proportionate deep strong muzzle. Scissor bite, Bright Round eyes enhancing her expression, solid pigmentation. Large black nose. Well high set good length triangular rounded tipped ears carried close to head, good reach of strong tight neck, tapering into strong shoulders. Balanced front and rear angulations. Oval straight boned front legs. Round tight feet. Straight topline. Good bend of stifle, legs, and hocks straight and parallel. Good tail set with gently sweep towards tip in repose. Committed and even on the move.


 Eleven-month-old Wheaton girl. Flat skull proportionate strong muzzle Scissor bite, Dark nose with large open nostrils. Ears good shape and size. Depth of chest to just above tight elbows with ample width of brisket, front legs oval boned straight and parallel with strong sloping pasterns’ tight strong compact feet. Good reach and shape of neck. Good width and length of ridge with well-placed crowns. Balanced front and rear angulations.  Good turn of stifle, rear legs straight and parallel with well let down hocks. Good shape and length of ridge.

PG.3 (0)


Twenty-three months old distinctly ridged masculine lad, proportionate head and body ratios. Good sized length and width of head with flat skull and deep strong muzzle. Scissor bite. Large black nose, round colour matching eyes, solid eye rim pigmentation. Defined stop. High set ears of good size caried close to head. Good length of strong tapering neck well set onto shoulders. Good front angulation, legs oval shaped well boned straight and parallel, with sloping pasterns and compact tight feet. Depth of chest about an inch above close elbows with plenty of width of brisket. good shape and spring of rib. Balanced rear angulation with legs and hocks straight and true. Strong well set tail. Moves with reach and drive.


Eighteen-month-old very alert and curious well-muscled throughout Male, With good length and width of ridge on back with symmetrical parallel crowns. Well sized head strong deep muzzle. Scissor bite, large brown nose, Brown eyes, comparable solid colour matching rims. Good length of neck, Level straight topline held on the move. Balanced front and rear angulations reflected in his movement, Oval boned straight and parallel front legs. Good width of brisket depth of chest to just above elbows. Gentle tuck up of underline.


O. 2 (2)


Two and half year old male, balanced head and muzzle width and length  proportions. Defined stop, light coloured eyes, scissor bite, large brown nose.  Good set and shape of triangular ears carried close to head. Good reach of neck, good front and rear balanced angulation, oval boned front legs straight and parallel, depth of chest reaching close fitting elbows, with good width of brisket and rib sprung.  Symmetrical Crowns laying directly opposite each other with Good length and width of tapering ridge along strong level topline that was maintained when moving. Well set tail carried at times a little higher than level. Moves well  efficiently with extension and purpose.


Four-year-old lady, I felt in her class she underrepresented and was not comfortable this was reflected in her consistently readjusting herself and not moving freely.  However, as she was second in her class and I wished to give her every opportunity, I asked for her to return. What a difference for the challenge this girl was. A change of handler who stood her true without obvious adjustment and moved her throughout and as a result I now awarded Reserve Best Of Breed. I look at what is there at that moment in time and not any previous experience.



HOUND CLUB OF EAST ANGLIA Sacrewell Farm 20/05/23


Puppy (1)

1 & BP - Foley’s Clavennae Scout About Texas, B/T boy of almost 7 months.  Pleasing in head with dark eye of correct shape, well tapered muzzle.  Adequate neck, well muscled.  Nice outline with prominent chest, correct lay of shoulder and forelegs covering the lowest point of keel. Strong in bone.  Moved soundly in front and behind.  Sporting a quality coat that was positively gleaming in the sun.


Junior (1, 1 abs)


Post Graduate (4)

1 & RBOB - Cross’ Langleybury Pandora of Loggeta, quality red bitch of 19 months, well balanced for length with adequate keel and ribs extended well back.  Feminine in head with dark almond eye proudly carried on graceful neck.  Best mover in the class.

2 – Fossett’s Brysdax Skyfall, mature red girl that held a good topline but did not have the proud head carriage of one and not displaying the driving movement I was looking for not helped by the rubber matting covering the long grass.

3 – Foley’s Beauty Long at Clavennae


Open (3, 1 abs)

1 & BOB - Vincent’s Gainscroft Dark Destroyer, mahogany red boy with gleaming coat presented in superb condition.  Correct head properties with slight arch to muzzle, not too heavy and carried so proudly on adequate neck.  Correct lay of shoulders with good depth of chest and ground clearance.  Balanced at rear, he moved soundly with drive.  Good bone and muscle tone.

2 – Bailey’s Glasvey Double Trouble for Loggeta, another super quality L/H that was as feminine as the winner was masculine.  Good neck and shoulder placement with forelegs well placed.  Correct topline with length in rib and shortness in loin she moved soundly.  Not quite the ground clearance of 1st.

3 – Fossett’s Brysdax Mamma Mia


Special Yearling (3)

1 & RBOB - MacDonald & Coxon’s Melisdax Mischief In May, 12 month b/t bitch of lovely size, balanced for length and height ratio.  Held her feminine, chiselled head proudly on well muscled neck.  Good forechest with prominent breastbone and depth of keel.  Ribs extended well back and short over loin.  She moved out positively with drive.

2 & BP – Graham’s Marvale Chancellor at Ravold, handsome b/t dog who appeared very mature for his 10 months, masculine heavier made b/t dog, another with proud head carriage.    A little longer over loin and not moving with the drive of 1 who coped better with the rubber matting.

3 - Cox’s Bulldaxit Secret Love


Post Graduate (0)


Open (3)

1 & BOB – Cox’s Dovestream Black Russian At Dachshinbull, mature b/t dog with correct head proudly carried with greater reach of neck than his class mates and a little shorter over the loin.  Good angles at shoulder and rear. Would prefer a slightly more prominent breast bone and  deeper keel but this boy was the best mover on the difficult surface.

2 – Starkey’s Carpaccio Magnum PI At Hamoura, this b/t boy had the depth of keel that my first needed but lacked the show temperament and proud head carriage.  A little longer over loin but with a good topline and well muscled, he moved soundly but lacked the drive of 1.


Special Yearling (2)

Quality pair of youngsters that I found both balanced for length & height ratios.

1 & BOB Graham’s Boloria Wild Spice, 13 mth bitch with feminine head, ridges over eyes prominent and intelligent expression. Coat of correct texture and good furnishings.  Correct angles at shoulder and balanced at rear.  She won this class on her positive driving action combined with showy temperament.

2 Cox’s Hopewood Que Sera Sera Avec Bulldaxit, 19 mth bitch with similar attributes who was unlucky to meet one.  She moved soundly in front and behind but not the drive of 1st.


Post Graduate (1)

1 & BOB Graham’s Boloria Wild Spice


Open (2)

1 & RBOB Gibson’s Allfreys Cordelia, preferred the size of this girl, a little shorter over loin.  Perhaps carrying a little extra weight over the shoulders but plenty of muscle and she could certainly drive.  Attractive head shape, could use some more furnishings. 

2 – Graham’s Stanegate Shot in the Dark JW, handsome, masculine head with keen expression and the most majestic of head carriage.  Neat front with prominent chest bone, correct lay of shoulder and balanced at rear.  On the move slightly inclined to cow-hocked.


Puppy (1)

1, BOB & BP Phillips’ Summerview Hello Hugo, well hello Hugo – this stunning b/t baby of 6 ½ months was my star of the day.  Loved his typey head with dark eye.  Totally in balance for length to height and lay of shoulder to rear angulation.  Already developing in chest and keel with forelegs covering lowest point.  Correctly put together he didn’t disappoint on the move setting off with drive and exuding confidence.  I will watch his future with interest!


Junior (2, 1 abs)

1 Taverner’s Brackenfire My Honey Bee, b/t of 16 months of ideal size with attractive head but would prefer to see blacker pigment at this age.  She had a good front but seemed more comfortable standing cowhocked although moved soundly with drive to win this class.

2 McCarthy’s Nagshall Dyce the Ice, handsome headed cream boy of 13 mths, another lacking in black pigment.  Preferred his front construction with well laid back shoulders, prominent breastbone and good depth of keel.  Lost out to the strength of hindquarters of 1st.


Post Graduate (2)

1 & RBOB McCarthy’s Nagshall I’m So Dizzy, litter sister to 2nd in previous class and a feminine version with very similar balanced shape.  She also had the good pigment that her brother lacked.  On the move there was no stopping her, oozing confidence and covering the ground.

2 Brackenfire My Honey Bee


Open (3, 2 abs)

1 McCarthy’s Nagshall The Odd Reason JW, mature masculine red boy of almost 2 years.  Well developed in chest with ribs extending well back and short over loin. Forelegs of good bone and large neat feet.  He moved true in front and a little weak behind.  Felt he needed a little more weight and muscle.


Puppy (1)

1, BOB & BP Cross’ Loggeta Establoomingsmall, appropriately named, everything in a neat small package.   Shaded red that positively gleamed in the sun.  Feminine head with good ear set, dark almond eye and super alert expression.  Lovely reach of neck and correct lay of shoulders balanced with correct angles at rear.  Kept her topline as she moved out soundly.


Junior (1)

1 Kent’s Lokmadi Oh What A Circus, another quality bitch in gleaming condition, this time a 17 mth b/t.  Feminine in head with correct eye and lovely expression.  Well laid back shoulders and correct placement of forelegs showing off her prominent chest and good keel.  Lovely tight, neat, large front feet.  A sound mover, very true in front, ran up a little closer behind. 


Post Graduate (1)

1 Watkinson’s My Boy Samson Lee, red boy of 4 ½ years, excelling in neck and carrying head proudly.  Would have preferred a little more chest.  He moved soundly behind but was swinging in front.


Open (4)

1 & RBOB Cross’ Loggeta Pickled Lilly JW, sassy b/t with pick me attitude.  Correct shaped head and dark almond eye, well set ears.  Good neck and super proud head carriage.  Well balanced all through with correct angles front and rear and height to length ratio.  Well extended rib and sound mover. 

2 Fossett’s Lokmadi Peggy Sue for Brydax JW, shaded red girl of correct size who has clearly been eating all the pies!  Despite carrying a few ounces over and at 5 years kept a super topline on the move.  Liked her head and expression.  Balanced for length with prominent chest and good keel.

3 Kent’s Lokmadi Jingle Belle

4 Watkinson’s Loggeta Boom and Bust


Special Yearling (2, 2 abs)


Post Graduate (0)


Open (2, 1 abs)

1 & BOB MacFarlan’s Granhoward Lilly, 6 ½ years young well balanced bitch with good neck and lay of shoulder. Well extended rib with prominent chest.  Well balanced profile and a sound mover.

Judge:  Sheena Maclaine  (Pennygown)

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