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Scheduled to be held at St. Ives Indoor Leisure Centre, Westwood Road, St. Ives, Cambridgeshire PE27 6WU on SATURDAY 28th NOVEMBER 2020

HAD TO BE CANCELLED due to Government restrictions.

At this stage the committee are unable to say when our next HOUND GROUP OPEN SHOW will be scheduled.

The committee continues to meet, plan and discuss our options and as soon as we are able to operate a show safely under Government guidelines, the committee will be able to make plans for our next show.

Announcements will be made via the clubs Facebook page, and on this Web Page.

Details of our future shows will be available on the FOSSE DATA Web SIte. 

This was the Judging Order for our last show on Sunday 24th November 2019

Please note the Committee reserves itself the right to move a breed to a different ring to facilitate the smooth running of the show. It is also possible, if not inevitable, that some may find they are required in different rings at the same time. Should this happen please liaise with the ring stewards who will do their best to help you.


Ring 1 - All Dachshunds. Long Hair (13), Smooth Hair (11), Wire Hair (7), Miniature Long Hair (17), Miniature Smooth Hair (25), Miniature Wire Hair (11)



Ring 2 - Borzoi (6), Ibizan Hound (1), Otterhound (4), Whippet (29), Irish Wolfhound (5), Afghan Hound (8), Rhodesian Ridgeback (16)



Ring 3 - Beagle (11), Pharaoh Hound (5), Basenji (2), BFdeB (4), Portuguese Podengo (Warren Hound) (10), Basset Hound (8), GBGV (2), PBGV (6), Greyhound (5), Deerhound (15)


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